Enough Thoughts & Prayers: 5 Ways To Donate To Honor George Floyd And Work For Justice & Accountability


George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer last week is not just tragic — it’s the clear outcome of systems of injustice that are continuously perpetuated across the US. We’re at a moment where we need all hands, and dollars, on deck in support of Black lives. Here’s a few trusted ways that you can immediately donate any amount, honoring the work of justice leaders and community members around the country: 

1. Help Minnesota Activists

George Floyd was from Minneapolis, Minnesota — hence Minnesota has been a critical center for organizing work. Organizations like Reclaim the Block and the Black Visions Collective are both supporting on-the-ground protestors, in addition to calling for longer-term police accountability. They are in turn asking for donations to be routed to a number of community organizations that have been active as well.

2. Fight for Police Accountability

Organizations like Campaign Zero and ColorofChange are working nationally to try and build new policies and practices that encourage police accountability. Then other local groups, like the Anti Police Terror Project in Northern California and Communities United Against Police Brutality in the Twin Cities, seek to prevent and address police violence.  

3. Address the Roots of Racism

Addressing rampant racism in police departments will take extensive anti-bias work, both within departments and society at large. The Center for Policing Equity explicitly works with police departments nationally, and the Burns Institute specifically seeks to address structural racism in criminal justice. There are also groups like Showing Up for Racial Justice that work to bring white people into multi-racial, anti-racist movements for racial and economic justice. Then additionally, the Black Futures Lab is working on policy platforms to address systemic racism across various issue areas through the Black Agenda 2020.

4. Help Communities Heal

Unfortunately, reports from the streets allege that largely white protestors with limited community ties have been on violent and destructive rampages in the midst of nationwide protests, in part destroying Black and Brown-owned businesses. Organizations like the Oakland Indie Alliance in Oakland and the Lake Street Council in Minneapolis are working to raise funds for businesses that were already suffering under COVID — and now need our help even more to rebuild. 

Additionally, GoFundMe campaigns have been created to directly give to the families of George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery as they grieve and look to a long road of legal costs and educational needs. 

5. Learn More about Your Local Community

This list is by no means exhaustive — before writing your first check, take a moment to look up a local organization that fits into one of these categories, and add it to your personal list! In general, the Movement for Black Lives is a great place to learn about initiatives happening both locally and nationally (and to donate as well).

Thank you to Suzanne Biegel, Christina Hollenback, Charles Long, Jasmine Rashid, and Sarah Williams for their contributions to this piece. Full disclosures related to my work available here. This post does not constitute investment, tax, or legal advice, and the author is not responsible for any actions taken based on the information provided herein.

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